3 problems that can be solved
with Shimatter

  • Reporting is time-consuming

    Take a photo, fill up the form, and register it. Anyone can record a problem in three easy steps.

  • Repeat the same problem

    Recording and sharing the situation, causes, and countermeasures for problems will help prevent recurrence.

  • Expertise disappears when experts quit

    By recording the response and exchange of problems, it is possible to pass down the expertise.

Why Shimatter?

  • Easy to install! Start using our services immediately!

    Because Shimatter is a cloud service, it is easy to get started. The service is available not only from PCs, but also from smartphones and tablets.

  • Simple operation! Anyone can easily record a problem!

    The TOP screen of Shimatter has only four buttons. Take a photo, select an existing image, or write only texts. Anyone can easily record problem information from 3 patterns.

  • Free 30-day trial! Try it and decide!

    Shimatter offers a free 30-day trial of all features. You do not need to read complicated manuals to understand our service.


  • You can try all features for free for 30 days

    We offer pricing plans tailored to your team size and usage. You can add various options according to your needs


Please tell me the payment method for Shimatter.
We offer pricing plans tailored to the number of accounts (users). There is no additional charge depending on the number of devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) used.
Can I cancel or change my plan in the middle? Also, please tell me about contract renewal.
You will be required to pay the usage fee for one year in advance at the time of contract. We do not accept cancellations (refunds) during the contract period. It is possible to change your plan during the contract period (we will adjust the difference). The contract is for one year and we ask you to renew and pay every year (it does not renew automatically).
Is the security of the service okay?
- Data and applications are operated and managed in an authenticated data center in Japan. We regularly receive inspection services from external security companies and strive to improve security of our service.

- Even if your company’s data is registered in the system, it will not be visible to anyone other than your company’s users. Your data is not shared with other companies.
Can the members on site use it without difficulty?
Shimatter’s functions are very simple. It can be used by members on site without difficulty. In fact, it is used by companies that have failed installing complex similar systems in the past.
What kind of device can I use?
Shimatter can be used on PC, smartphone and tablet devices.
There is a 30-day free trial period, so you can confirm whether it can be used in your company’s environment before contracting.
Please tell me how to introduce the service.
By setting various masters (user registration, creation of data items for problem information, etc.) from a PC on behalf of the administrator, the service can be used. By discussing in advance within the team and deciding on the operation method and master data items, you can start using the service smoothly.
We also recommend trying it out in the free trial and getting a feel for it before deciding on the operation method and master data items.
Can I add my own custom data items?
As a standard feature, you can add up to 3 custom data items, and as an optional feature, you can add up to 10 custom data items.
However, if you add too many items, the effort of input work will increase and it will become difficult to use the system on site. We recommend starting with a small number of items and gradually increasing the number of items as the site becomes operational, rather than seeking perfection from the start of use.

Reference Column: https://shimatter.jp/welcome/column/detail/0b73d1a086f020e4b6a98498df622c1e
Can it be linked with other systems?
Since standard interfaces (called APIs) are installed for linking with other systems, Shimatter can be called from other systems and data of Shimatter can be acquired, registered, modified and deleted.

Let's start Shimatter


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